Introverts CAN go to parties

I sometimes wonder if I have social anxiety, but then it's probably just the fact that I'm introverted, young, and sometimes parties make me nervous. It's the unknown. Not knowing who will talk to who, what groups will be there. And what everyone else will be wearing. I actually love parties, but I'm talking about the times where you REALLY don't want to go.

So you're friend is turning 18. You've been invited to a dress up party (heavens) and it looks like there will be a crowd. A blizzard of cupcakes, friends, balloons, that-one-girl-who-hates-you, and maybe a few cute boys (but let's not jump ahead of ourselves).

Tips for surviving:

1) Wear your "confident" outfit. You don't have to - image isn't everything - but I've noticed that I feel a lot more confident if I'm wearing something I feel great in.

2) Arrive at the party with someone. If I have a conversation with a friend on the way there helps to get my nervous blunders out of the way and the more I socialise, the more confident in my talking ability I become. I'm actually being serious - does anyone else do that?

3) In your mind have a list of conversation topics. So maybe there was a cricket game that just happened you could discuss. Or pick a trending headline.

4) Set goals for yourself, so when it comes to reviewing the night, you can determine whether it was successful or not. So example "tonight I will talk to 5 people." Or "I will say hello to that person I don't like." Small things like that are actually big achievements. What some people don't realise is that just BEING at the party was a huge effort, the courage it took to show up to an anxiety-provoking affair.

5) The bathroom can be a lifesaver. For many things, but we're talking about those heavenly breaks between all the socialising. I really hope I'm not alone when I say this, but at a party I will say "I just need to go to the bathroom" and disappear for 5 minutes. It's the best feeling to lock yourself in the bathroom and just reflect for a few minutes of quietness.

I love going out to see people, but there's always the odd occasion when I don't enjoy myself, and I thought I'd just share what I learnt from it.

I always want to hear your thoughts, but on this particular subject, I really really want to hear your thoughts. Are you an introvert? Does any of this make sense? 

Madison xx


  1. I feel like more and more people have social anxiety but don't realize it. These are great tips for anyone who is nervous about meeting new people in any situation.

  2. I like my introverted self but do use tips similar to what you mention here. Otherwise I might never leave the house!

    1. Yes I'm come to realise being introverted isn't a bad thing <3

  3. Thank you! I'm introverted as well but I love parties. If it's to much for me (usually I get really tired) I'll just keep quiet, sit with others and listen. People often don't care what you look like/ how you behave as long as you are not a funkiller x) And your tips are really good I'll keep them in mind <3

  4. These will defiantly help at parties. I have anxiety and its hard to go out and socialize. Thanks for the great tips.

  5. I totally get what your saying! I wonder if I have some mild from of anxiety, I get so incredibly nervous and overwhelmed at events like that! Will definitely use these tips!


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