1st Day of Spring

    Yesterday was the first day of Spring. It was uplifted from all other days, in a trivial, meaningless way. Some were ignorant of its presence, other people on the street did not treat it as a special occasion, and from it they only took a sort of half-happiness. But I enjoyed it. It did not rain, even though it was on the verge of doing so. There were invisible hands everywhere, catching raindrops before they could hit the earth and ruin the newly youthful aura. The change of atmosphere was a relief. Because, I get irritated by the dormant silence of Winter. Everything turns a shade greyer, and loses an outline of energy. But the most infuriating part is, no one seems to mind. Where is the summer ambition? I get tired of unrelenting drizzles, greedy winds, and stale clouds that dominate the sky, all competing for a bigger spot in the weather cycle. Winter always outstays its welcome, it hangs on too long in the country town where I live. But if you go for a walk in the tender stages of September, you might witness the coming of a new age (well, really just a season, but it feels like an age). 
     I admitted to myself that it wouldn't officially be "spring" if I stayed inside that day. So I yanked my gumboots onto my skinny legs, and embarked on a walk down the weedy concrete driveway. I stood still on the stones, decorated with muddy swirls and deceased insects. Halfway through my solitary jaunt, I gasped. I could smell it. The smell of spring was so tangible and so near, that I closed my eyes (closing my eyes helps me sniff) and tried to dedicate all my brain cells to breathing in harder. 
     I’m half convinced that the smell of spring is in fact a fairy, clad in a pastel twirly dress, with a floral cardigan to keep her pale arms modest. The fairy flits everywhere, as if she were Father Christmas delivering all the presents in one night, but maybe she delivers flower petals, to unexpectedly fall upon a mans brown leather boots as he walks to the city. Or to alight upon someones head, and give them one of those mini shivers, the kind you get when something tickles your toes or when someone washes your hair at the salon.
     However, I stopped my esoteric reflection time, as I stood there waiting on my olfactory processors. I relaxed into the cold wind (winter hadn’t quite left yet) and I almost pulled my jacket closer, but I didn’t want to risk losing the occasion. My movements were quieted, and I think I even heard one of the birds stop singing, leaving a peaceful silence in its wake.
     But then the smell was gone. 

     That’s how I knew it was spring. 

What's your favourite season? Why?

Madison xx


  1. Gorgeous post! I love the photos! My favourite season is fall; everything is so beautiful!

  2. Your photos are so so pretty! We are just going into Autumn now, and I have to say that I'm quite excited for it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. i love this :) you have such a wonderful blog! and you can check out my giveaway if you're interested!


  4. My favorite season is winter because everything is so nice and cozy and beautiful. Winter just has this beauty to it. Also it just kind of seems like a family season. I don't know why. Maybe its because it reminds me of Christmas.

  5. My favourite season would also have to be Winter, the darker shades of grey, the unsuspecting winds, the cold crisp air when you get up and the coziness that one feels is just something that sits well with me. I prefer Winter and Fall over Spring to be honest :-) Lovely blog by the way, I'm a first time reader! Xx

  6. I really like summer and autumn. :D Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!


  7. Beautiful!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  8. Love your blog! Glad I stumbled upon it!



  9. I like summer! I cannot stand the winter when its cold and snowy! You take beautiful photos!

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  10. You take amazing photos! I love the Spring too, but I have to say that Autumn is my true love. I live in Canada and we have an amazing fall, as the leaves turn a beautiful, orange, red and golden yellow.

    Lovely post! I'm glad i stumbled across your blog. :)


  11. Beautiful photographs! Hello from another blossom-obsessed blogger...

    Emma Louise Layla x

  12. Gorgeous photos! The quality is amazing.
    Aleeha xXx

  13. amazing photography; never stop blogging/taking photos!! <3

  14. Nice photos!
    Spring is always lovely :-)
    I gave you a follow! Follow back?

    Monika | http://snapsnpixels.blogspot.com/

  15. OMG Your Blog is Just <3. I am a super fan! Please check out my blog. It is nowhere near as good as yours but I would love some advise. xx http://bloggingkindofgirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. Stunning photography! Summer and autumn are definitely my favourites, although I do like spring because daffodils come out and they are my favourite flower :)


  17. Lovely lovely post! I'm so glad I found your blog!
    I've read numerous posts from you & I'm in love!

    I also did a post on Welcoming Spring after our Winter holidays! Not nearly as good as yours but I would love any advice or constructive criticism! <3

    xo Han

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    ---> foxesandfeathers.wordpress.com

  18. Your blog is beautiful. Very happy I came by for a visit. :)

    - Jen
    The Golden Days

  19. I love your blogs;)
    My favourite season is Spring and Winter.

  20. Your writing style and photos are gorgeous, definitely a new blog favourite of mine <3

  21. Lovely Blog. I love the photos!

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  23. It is spring in my little corner of the world too! I just love it when all the blossoms come out, so much color. Also when people start mowing their lawns. Love that smell of freshly cut grass, that is Spring!



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