Lonely Places

"Jesus often went to the lonely places and prayed."
Luke 5:16
I pulled back the curtain and surveyed the driveway. My mums car was halfway down the road, leaving a trail of noise to execute its purpose and then fall to the tarmac. My heart would sing in silent celebration, skipping over each second like stones on a river. The celebration would possibly include a dance, a small one, as I chased up the stairs and fell to the carpet of my bedroom. It's perfect when no one is around, because Silence can permeate every area and not be interrupted by unashamed sentences just purely charging around. There's no human to block my mental line of sight, so I can see as far as I wish in every direction of my mind. That's how I should explain it, when I'm by myself, it's like my imagination can take pictures of anything without any unwanted persons (that I shall have to crop out later) blocking the best part of the photo. There is a freedom of speech that comes from being alone, that is not quite the same when you are with people. I can finally take the lid off my thoughts and let them seep wherever they wish, floating untamed and wild.

When I'm alone, I like to talk to God. Of course I talk to Him when there are people around (He is always my preferred conversation) but there is something special when you are in the distant wilderness of your bedroom, a quiet unblemished atmosphere, and you just pray.

While Jesus was on earth he performed many miracles, stories of them are dotted throughout the New Testament, as you turn the pages you come across them like unexpected sparks flying off a firework. I'm so thankful that my mindset has always been to pray for the sick, and going up to a blind man to pray for healing feels as natural as eating a chip (which is obviously a very natural experience). I love to learn about the supernatural, healing, casting out demons, raising the dead (I already told you, I didn't even bat an eyelid listing the last one).

But while reading these stories of Jesus on earth, I came across Luke 5:16, and I like it because it makes me smile when I read it. Jesus went alone to pray to God.

Having quiet times is just as important as healing the sick. You can't eat your cheese without a cracker.

Madison xx


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  6. I love this post! i can totally relate and it is inspiring!!!!

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  8. You have such a beautiful style of writing.
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  11. I agree. Quiet time is one of the precious moment you can get. :)



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