Keeping a diary is the manliest thing in the world

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Each night I would rush home and stab a mess of feelings and emotions onto my baby pink pages. No experience could unsettle me, because I knew that at least I wouldn't have any blank space to fill in my diary (with badly drawn hearts). Relationships were harshly brought to the light as I furiously penned, and I had the forethought to write full names, leaving no detail secluded. 

My entire life I have kept diaries, and for a few years I fulfilled the stereotype of a young girl, recording my average life upon cheap stationery. I then matured, and began to write what I thought about the world. (I am hoping one day I will mature even further into the realm of writing down how to CHANGE the world.) But then I experienced the frustration of failing to fill all the pages, and I gave up diary writing for another year.

2015 was a fresh start, but my diary only just made it to July. In general, my life started to become disorganised and things weren't getting done. I concluded that my diary was a waste of time. It seemed to have no real purpose. So I welcomed in 2016, I relished the freedom of it, with no limits and no lines to fill. I was fully prepared to bypass any attempts at recording my life, and gave up diary keeping. The new year was my chance to start over, a beautiful era to slide down, a foray into relaxation and the ease of enjoying life. 

Then I attended a conference that talked about these life skills, and trained us all up over a period of 4 days. It didn't feel like a burden, it was like a wonderful gift of: bricks. Bricks to build my new house. I started thinking - about the successful humans of this world, the people who fill their lives with purpose and contribution to society. 

The speaker taught us that goal setting is not just outlining them. You have to marry them, and commit to them daily. She said for your dreams to become reality, you need to read them everyday and record how much progress you have made towards them.

And what she said next, surprised me the most. We were being trained to succeed, in both business and life. Because success is not just for a man, it is there for anyone who is determined enough to make it happen. Her advice was exemplary, and she informed us of various practical tools, one of which has turned my life around.  

The secret, the great secret, that has been damaged by sexism and oversight. 

Every woman has wanted an insight into a man's world, and now I give it to you. A diary. It is a business tool, a progress tracker, and an advocate for personal success. It is a liberating experience from day 1 to day 365. Records of previous failures and achievements are there to be analysed for the prosperity of your future! Imagine!

And it is not a diary of how many times you cuddled your cat or how you felt when the traffic was diabolical, but a notational device for your daily progress and small achievements. The most helpful part of journalling is that it keeps you focussed and because it is a daily engagement you are in tune to your dreams and your desires. 

The world is waiting to be changed. Your potential is ready to unwrapped and overturned. We can lament on the lack of justice and heavy sexism in the business environment, or we can grasp the 'bricks' in front of us and begin building. 

Madison x


  1. Nice photo :)
    Maria V.

  2. I really like the idea of keeping a journal, but I always find myself forgetting to do it, or not finding the time to do it daily... What are some tips you could share in order to actually keep up with it?

    By the way, I have a blog if you are interested:

    1. 1) At first, only aim to write a sentence. Don't try to fill a whole page.
      2) Instead of writing down everything that happened (very daunting and irrelevant), just write down what progress you made.
      3) Don't play 'catchup.' If you miss a day, don't worry. *sings* DON'T WORRY BOUT A THINGGGGG


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