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I am unintentionally deceiving: people pick me as the type who likes to read books, inside, while others archive me as a constant sunset watcher. I am both. I love the outdoors, I am in awe of His creation, I am inspired by the colour of water, roses, and butterflies. But even while immersed in nature, my feet will still find the cleanest patch of grass to stand on. That is how I describe my relationship with bugs. 

The Abel Tasman is a very beautiful bush walk in the South Island of New Zealand. It is split into five sections, where you walk from bay to bay. It takes 3-5 days, and yes, it's tramping, but the bush walks are so beautiful you forget that you haven't showered in over 48 hours. The ocean was wearing it's best dress the whole time - from every lookout point it sparkled and it showed off my favourite colour (which, by the way, is TEAL, and I make sure ALL of my friends know that).

On one night, instead of camping, we stayed on a boat. It was a fantastic time. No one even minded when I jumped off the deck, into the ocean, for a pre-meal swim. They had a barbeque on the upper deck of the boat for dinner, and then they let us sit wherever we wanted - feet dangling in the water if need be. There was a cute little two year old running around (actually running, I kid you not) whose name was Jacob and he had possibly the cutest pyjamas I have ever seen. You never know with kids, if they like you or not - so I say, with no security at all, that we might've been friends by the end of our stay. Maybe.

The boat continually swayed. A steadfast observation, you might think, but when you're lying in bed, precariously clinging to the top bunk bed (THAT HAS NO RAILINGS) with the muscles (THAT YOU DON'T HAVE), you think these thoughts. You wonder if you will fall, when some particularly bold wave comes. It was beautiful though, to look out the porthole (the seemingly meagre benefit of the top bunk) and see the water line rise and fall and change to all shades of blue. It was like being inside a cup of water, without any drippy discomforts. 

The next morning they lumped us all around a sturdy table for breakfast. Everyone sat around buttering their toast, and I think the reason we had such a community vibe is that we all plunged our knives into the same jam pot without a complaint. It was a special, strawberry tasting, moment. 

They chartered us back to the shore after we packed up, and the beach looked just as pretty as it did the day before. I would recommend the experience to anyone. And if you are scared of flailing in the water? They have life jackets. You are without excuse, my friend. 

Have you been to New Zealand? Do you want to go? 

Madison xx


Guys, guys, guys. I JOINED INSTAGRAM. It was the most exhilarating and exciting experience. Kind of. But my followers, well, bless them, they are only a mere 52, the lot of them. They need more friends, I need more friends, so let's all go and join them! Follow me! We can think of it as a giant congo line! YAY! (Wait, I can't follow myself? Well, I'll lead the congo line from the front then.) My username is: @madisssooonnn (you can just click for the link if you like). 

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  1. I've never spent the night on a boat, but it sounds amazing.
    I think it's such a great thing to experience it once in a life!!!
    Hope you had a great time xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  2. I'd love to go to New Zealand! Lovely post xx
    My blog: www.justmorgs.com

  3. I would love to go to New Zealand! It looks absolutely beautiful! Though I'm not particularly fan of boats! Enjoyed reading you post :)
    Victoria xx

  4. Love the photos!
    Instagram: @hopefulpencil

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  6. I love reading your blog! I live in New Zealand and I love it here. I am starting a blog, though it is not yet perfect. I have never seen a purple octopus in the waters here, thought I have been stung by a blue jellyfish and I still have 4 large scars on my feet and legs. Keep writing those amazing blog posts!


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