Birthday 2016

“It’s my birthday today.”
“Happy birthday!”

That’s the conversation we just had. We walked down the road, as I zipped up my jacket (it's 11 degrees here), and then we parted as the pedestrian crossing light called us to our separate ways.

I’m scanning my past year with a grateful heart, because I’ve experienced many more blessings than I deserve (all of them). The people in my life are pretty decent and the plans God has for me are better (trust in it, me).

In my next year of the The Adventure, I’m going to be more open. I’m a private person (instagram the exception) but it’s beneficial to be vulnerable sometimes – we build relationships by sharing ourselves and relating to each other.

I’m also going to watch all 10 seasons of Friends. In my mind, Ross is still dating the Asian girl he brought back. I know. Sad. I’ve got to get onto Season 2 at least.

It’s been reaffirmed this year that God has infinitely better plans than the best my mind can conjure, and the opportunity cost of His will is not worth contemplating. I owe Him my life, and it has been a pleasure to joyously lay it down so far.

It would be crazy, unacceptable, joyous, unrelenting, gracious, brave, and many more extensive adjectives, to wish myself happy birthday. Oh well.

Happy birthday me.

Madison xx


  1. Happy birthday to you (sung in my best voice) :)

  2. Haha same! In my mind, Ross is still dating the Asian girl as well! My sister is obsessed with Friends and she just bought the whole dvd pack so hopefully I'll be able to finally catch up :D

    1. Omg I just realized your name is Madison. Lol that's my name too ☺️


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