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College application is coming closer at an increasing speed. Your parents are nagging you on what subjects you are going to study next year. Or you're choosing a hobby, figuring out an instrument or sport to pursue. Decisions, decisions. Here's how to make a good one. 

Good reasons to do it:
1. Enjoyment. You should pursue something if it brings you life, because our days are numbered, and we need enough zest to raise ourselves from the bed every morning.
2. It brings value to the world. Use what you have to benefit others. 'Making a difference' is not some weird mantra that Ghandi made up - it is a real effect that happens when you implement selfless love in a practical way.
3. You have a talent for it. To work from you strengths is doing what you were born to do. And from an economic perspective, it is a much better use of resources (HA, did that sound smart or what).
4. You are passionate about it. Your passion will motivate you when your logic will not.
5. God has called you to it. His plan is better than yours (Isaiah 55:9). 

Bad reasons to do it:
1. To be the best at it. Competing and comparing will not satisfy you, because the world is ruthless, and no matter what you do, it will deem you inadequate. Comparing yourself to others is the most efficient way to kill happiness and self confidence. 
2. Everybody else is doing it. Peer pressure, a classic nasty that we thought would vanish when we hit twenty (it didn't). 
3. It looks good on your CV. And who cares? A refined CV may open opportunities, but completing a task to look good does not reflect a positive and honest attitude. 
4. It is the easier option. "If it's not hard, it's not worth doing", said Sir Peter Blake, a national legend who set the fastest time sailing around the world as a co-skipper, and also led his country to multiple wins of the America's Cup. He should know. 
5. It will increase your social status. Come on, we're still trying to impress our friends? Nobody's opinion actually matters. Exception: God's opinion. 

Happy decision making! Let's drink wine and eat cheese, because we all know I will procrastinate any decision for at least a good four hours. Hooray!

Madison xx


  1. I picked my dream course and am now well into my 5th year :-) Following what your heart says is the right thing to do, at the end of the day you have to make yourself happy! I think this is great advice, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips! Lovely blog btw! x

  3. Love this post! Really helpful tips xxx

  4. We just stumbled upon your blog and we're AMAZED! You have a way with words and your photos are breathtaking! You're our new favourite blogger, no joke. As we're starting college this year, we find this post really useful!
    Hope you'll check out our blog and like it at least half as much as we like yours. xx
    Juno&Violet /

  5. Lovely post and I'll keep your tips in mind! X


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