Men have some advantages over women. Though that sentence is reversed (quite often), there are some things a man can do that a woman cannot. Growing a beard has no appeal for me, though. Spiky and relentlessly existent. I also suspect - disheartening, because having a scratchy face sounds like having exfoliant beads chilling on your skin all the time. GROSS.

Men shop in the mens section; it's neither revolutionary nor revelationary. But it's slightly uncomfortable, and often inopportune, to stroll through the clothing section of the opposite sex. Fast walking through an aisle to get to another part of the shop is acceptable, but if you slow down enough for it to look like a casual wander, then you've just made it awkward. 

I was in Kmart, and I had to make one of these such dives. The only way to get to Homeware was through the Men's jacket isle, so I started walking, my eyes focussed on the light at the end of the path. I was also breathing heavily so other members of the Kmart congregation knew I didn't come through here for leisure. This was my mistake: I broke my intense focus. I glanced at a rack and destroyed my future even further by checking the sizes. The final cause of my ruin? I tried a jacket on. 

I still have no regrets in the $7 it took to take that piece home. 

My conclusion: the men's section is like a third world country. It may be underdeveloped, and lacking in class, but it has potential and few matured star items. All I'm saying, ladies, is maybe the men's section isn't lame and intimidating. Read: not as lame as I thought. 

Madison x 


  1. Ahaha you should have no regrets :) After growing up with 3 brothers, there just came a time when I accepted that a small mens hoodie was way more comfortable than the fitted womens hoodie. we should shop in whatever section we like I think.


    Anne //

  2. Interesting! Like this post.
    Good vibes, FOX
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