I love this shimmer brick. I fell into a deep trance of affection for it when I first saw it on the Bobbi Brown counter, and repeatedly got all clammy and breathless every time I walked past. Irresistibly enchanting, I took hold of it, and 6 months later, I use it most days of the week. Glitter, girlish colourings, and an almost moonshine glow, are fused together, forming what I (personally) would like to find at the end of a rainbow. I was shy to use it, like cutting into a birthday cake, but after the first brush sweep, I fell deeper and deeper into a pool of great satisfaction.

Apparently, one shimmer brick is sold every minute, somewhere in the world. We know the brand: it has a counter on Sak's Fifth Avenue, which makes it qualify for every other shopping centre. The creator, Bobbi Brown, has an equally vivid story, living a life so shiny and beautiful I almost want to wear her on my cheeks as well (too far, I know). 

“Pretend today is your birthday and you could do anything you want,” said Bobbi’s mother. “Play with makeup,” Bobbi answered. Her passion was unbarred, and a few years on, with a degree in theatrical makeup, Bobbi took her interests to New York. With a portfolio showing talent but to a slightly embarrassing standard (said so herself), she embraced the big apple.

Downtown New York, 1980s, she worked as a makeup artist, painting pretty faces for shoots and magazines - even Vogue. But something wasn't right, and the 27 lipsticks spread on the floor of her workspace said something: none of them were the colour of lips. Actual lips. Bobbi wanted natural tones, so she worked with a chemist, and scraped together a batch of ten simple shades. 

Five years later, Estee Lauder bought 'Bobbi Brown Essentials,' on the premise that Bobbi would continue her creative genius and keep producing stellar work. Your mother is glad, and so am I - because Bobbi created the Gel Eyeliner, a seriously serious beauty tool that allows for smudges and sleep ins. It happened by accident - Bobbi forgot her pencil for a shoot, so she applied mascara to her lids with a Q tip. That's just the rarity, and the genuine thrill that the brand embodies.

Bobbi Brown has made beauty a more realistic but classy occasion for women. Their makeup range is not waiting for an occasion: it is the occasion. Everyday, the sparkles, shapes, and shadows foretell of brighter eyes, defined features, and rich lips, speaking to each face gently, only to highlight the natural style in a girl.

Bobbi saw a need, and built the upshot herself. You don't need an outcome to make a difference - you need a circumstance. Pick up your wand (kidding, just grab whatever normal/boring/realistic tool you need) and let's get to it.


  1. Lovely photos!! And I looove the colours.

  2. I am in love with your blog. Everything about it is so perfect!

  3. beautiful photographs lovely! I love their shimmer bricks xx

  4. bobbi brown is just amazing and so super inspiring. her products never fail to amaze me.

  5. Wow, your description was trully motivational, like I want to be Bobbi myself. I already love everything that has her name on it.

  6. I love your blogs and the layout of your homepage is gorgeous!!

    Ive just set up a blog and would love it if you checked it out to support me I would really appreciate it!

    Thankyou and i look forward to your next blog! xx

  7. I really want one of these, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to see you compare this to the Seventeen one.
    Aleeha xXx

  8. Love the photos...


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