Melbourne, Australia 

The beach is the only place I look forward to getting sand between my toes, one of those few places that outshines any other at any time of the day. An evening visit, moments before the sky turns pink, with a soft towel to fall half-asleep on, is the nicest way to end the day. 

Most cities have some kind of green retrieve, even if you're in Hong Kong, and you're only allowed to look at it. A packed lunch (or quickly assembled PitaPit) is a very normal excuse to go sit on the turf by yourself, or any co-workers that want in on the fresh air. Relaxing in the sun is part of my personal brand, so I'd recommend a quick stretch while you're there, and a candid selfie (because the lighting is always nice).

At least 30% of my neighbourhood falls into this category, half of them over forty, and the rest a scrambled mess of pet owners and pram pushers. I don't fit into any of those subgroups, and I'm too young for the word 'stroll,' but I'll still join them at least once a week. It's an ideal time of the day, because there's no unbearable heat, and the energy requirement is minimal - you can walk and talk and go in a pair of jandals (*fave). 

It's a bit rough to expect you to do this when it's raining, or stupidly cold, so you can be excused on either of those occasions. Otherwise I'd be looking across the fence to make sure you're taking that cappuccino (or chai tea) out to enjoy the first rays of sun for the day, ignoring the fact that we're both in pyjamas and we might not have met before. 

If you weren't convinced by point four, and you're the type that needs a bit of physical rule enforcement, then this is the slightly more expensive option for you. A dog will melt your heart and cause you to leave the house at least seven times more than you usually would, and you'll come to love the grass, trees, and early morning light. 'Come to love' - it's a journey. 

 (Disclaimer: potentially an excuse to buy homemade Israeli hummus.) The markets are a meeting place for those who love food, love browsing, and love an experience, and those kinds are people are generally never bad. It's a time to support the locals and content yourself with a mild but happy adventure - in an atmosphere that regularly sells nutella crepes and artisan jam.

It might take more convincing to invest in a spa pool, but along with wrapping you in a blanket of stars every night, it also facilitates conversation and relaxation, and it's more suitable if you're overwhelmed by physical exercise and noisy puppies. It connects you with creation and gives you space to think, dually disconnecting you from every boring responsibility that waits for you on your phone. 

Madison xx

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