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I'm a perfectionist, though not a very perfect one. I have standards and high expectations for myself in most areas of my life, and while they instigate action and are a source of motivation, they somehow tell me that I'll never be happy until I've reached those goals. I must be in a state of constant unrest until I have completed the ten thousand hours, achieved a certain grade, or am earning a certain amount. My soul can never relax or be at peace because my surroundings are not the impeccable picture of my highest desires, and my character is not yet parallel to Mary Poppins.

"Practically perfect in every way" is not how my life looks. It's more akin to the start of a 1950s Hollywood film, where the heroine is still deciphering her life and working as a barista (I don't drink coffee but let's ignore it for the sake of this mediocre analogy). There are wonderful parts, and I'm blessed to be able to invest in my passions, but I'm still clarifying who I am and what my values are, and where I want to be in ten years. 

'On the way' does not mean weak, it does not mean substandard, it does not mean unworthy. It indicates growth and moving forward, which are two signs of a life being lived well. It is possible to enjoy the low moments, or moments that aren't negative, but just far from the finish line. Day one can be appreciated and enjoyed to the same extent that day 365 can. 

There are seeds inside your heart, dreams and desires that the Lord has given you, and for them to blossom and come into fruition, they will need watering. I used to feel discontented and potentially ashamed of being in this process, and frustrated that I did not see a perfect array of flowers yet. Yet stepping into the rain each morning and allowing yourself to be transformed will always take time but it will always be worth it. And you may just have to live in a place outside of the Bank's home (soz).  

If you can't accept imperfection then you will always be unhappy. Circumstances are rarely the way you wish them to be. It is helpful to have a goal in mind and a focus, but you'll spend most of your life on the journey, so you're welcome to listen as I tell myself - you're allowed to revel in it. Go wild on your mistakes and embrace the fact that it's most probable that you'll suck at some things. Like cooking. The domestic goddess in my head often translates into burnt roast and rice-turned-porridge (???). 

Be content in growth. My life is changing and some things haven't worked out the way I planned, but every experience is an opportunity to blossom in character and increase in knowledge. The restless side of perfectionism is no longer my habitat - He brought me into a spacious place; He rescued me because he delighted in me (Psalm 18:4). 

Madison xx


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  2. Amazing post, and very true! Love your blog by the way xxx
    Hope you have time to check out mine, and what you think about it:

  3. I'm such a perfectionist too, but I agree! If you can't accept imperfection, you can't be happy.

    1. It's been such a helpful revelation for me! x

  4. So true! So many times my perfectly planned meals turned into... not so perfect results, but hey, we learn something new every day! :)

  5. Loved this post, I am my worst critic and I'm such a perfectionist sometimes it gets too much how hard I am on myself! x


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