Disclaimer: two days ago I bought a hamburger and then was seduced into buying an apple pie because together they cost $5 and that's a much less annoying number than $2.70 or $2.30. I know, the justifications I come up with scare me in their regularity and unreasonableness, so remind me to listen to the voice of 'anything-but-McDonalds' next time.

'Wasted my money' and 'ruined my health' are not sentiments I want to be retrospectively echoing as I review my purchases for the month. There are beautiful realizations, and then there are those that drench you in remorse and motivation for a change. I rarely buy fast food, and as these restaurants seem to be thriving, there's room for a chat about how to buy less cheeseburgers.

1. Work there
This isn't practical and something I never want to tick off, but it worked for several friends. Take a look behind the counter when you're ordering your burger (your last one ahem) and allow the depressing sight of virgin potatoes being drowned in sinks of oil sober your mood. Don't keep watching past that (they're harder to resist when they're cooked). 

2. Calculate the opportunity cost
 All the beautiful things my fiver could've bought come to mind, including tacos, lip balm, and calf socks. I don't want to sound like the oldest economist ever, but it's unavoidable for me to mention money at some point, and the lost potential your dollars have when they transfer into one of the largest fast food chains in the world. There are less detrimental options that you can invest your money in, especially those that yield more than momentary satisfaction and lengthy regret. If fast food is a regular expense, then the money you'll save will be even larger, and more rewarding. 

3. Say "I hate fast food" several times
This type of psychological fraud helps you walk away faster than if you were thinking about the last time you indulged in the all day breakfast menu. Remind yourself that you don't actually enjoy the fattening effects of it, you'd actually rather some like, real food.

4. Carry healthy snacks with you 
Make some nut balls, grab a banana, or keep several cashews loosely sneaking around the bottom of your bag. Imagine your sports hero buying a Big Mac - yeah - I don't see Beckham off roading his rigorous diet and training schedule either. Bliss balls will turn into the cornerstone of your mood swings and wild cravings, as they repeatedly save you from the drive thru turn off.

5. Eat before you go out
STOP BEING HUNGRY THIS IS LITERALLY THE REASON WHY WE BUY FAST FOOD. Don't leave the house hungry, and if you're too busy to eat (time management red flag?!?) before you go, make food the night before. Pay tribute to your school days by packing lunch, but don't pack something you hate - hardboiled eggs are unbearable in any situation.


Note: this is not meant to start a war with McDonalds, this is more of thoughtful lament about the unfortunate downsides of eating the food they serve. I'm still secretly a fan of the apple pies. 

Mads xx



  1. Hi and lol this post is what I try to think about every time I'm near a fast food place and my stomach is growling, emphasis on try! I loved this post!

  2. I haven't been to any fast food place in over a year (kinda proud of that), but especially tip #5 has been working well for me all those months!

  3. LOL! Love the post!
    The last one s the most important!


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