I’m sorry, but I’ve already seen that photo of your family posing on a ski field. You had the ‘best time everrrrr,’ and I didn’t assume that, I was forcefully informed by your fervent captions. I have done my best not to jeer at your constant littering of heart-eye emojis, and I have held back much sarcasm and wit from the comment section of your Facebook posts. I know, it’s day five of your vacay, and you’ve become an adventurous enviromentalist – may the fresh air fill your thriving lungs and, for the rest of us, lessen the influx of blurry plant photos you upload mid bushwalk (because, please – this is what second IG accounts are for).

My point is this: what about the great indoors? Shouldn’t more be said for AC units and springy carpet? Fresh air is wonderful, but isn’t air fragranced with burning candles and buttered toast great too? For I consider it a blessing, to sit on a couch, and not be attacked by the weather, or threatened by insects and unidentified spikey things. How lovely to roam the halls of your home, wearing anything you want, including a pair of slippers that definitely would not survive on your scabrous driveway.

The company is good. Appliances, such as toasters, curling irons, and fridges, have your back, and it’s comfortable because you can all bond over the fact that none of you would really last long if thrust out in the cold air. They bustle you about, and basically make you a fed and presentable human by 8:30am every morning – something that never happens when I’m camping.

Being inside limits the amount of variables – you’re not going to randomly bump into that guy you’ve been avoiding for weeks, and you’re not going to be told off for your shady footwear choices. You can be the only person you see that day, or you can have a Mexican food share night, but it’s up to you. “Completely at your discression, my friend,” I whisper in your ear.

It’s very predictable, but sometimes the adventure is in knowing exactly what cereal you have in the pantry, and what landscape you’ll admire as you boil the jug. It’s nice to watch the clouds shuffle by, but twinkling fairy lights strewn over the living room walls and modern paintings are happy things to see as you wander round the plush walls of your home.

I am a species of the indoors and whether it’s a sociological issue that Americans spend 87% of their lives inside, I’m not sure. I love to be at the beach, and anywhere sunny and fresh, but I am also prone to appreciating the four walls that I live in. Yes - I like the indoors.

Mads xx


  1. i love your whole blog but this post in particular is great. i can totally relate to loving the indoors and you presented it in a really creative way. thanks for sharing!! much love xo

  2. I've never read a post like this but I love it! I completely agree with you too x

  3. I just discovered your blog and I am so happy. I haven't found many blogs where I read them and don't have to skim cause I get bored! I love the way you write and can't wait for more posts.
    Olivia, a new fan ! x

  4. I just discovered your blog and I have to say I am very sure it is becoming one of my favorites. You write with wit and beauty.


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