“The evil which infects the immense goodness of existence does not embody itself in the fact that men are weary of woes and oppressions. It embodies itself in the shameful fact that they are often weary of joys and weary of generosities. Poetry, the highest form of literature, has here its immortal function; it is engaged continually in a desperate and divine battle against things being taken for granted. A fierce sense of the value of things lies at the heart of literature.” - G. K.Chesterton

This week does not stand out to be anything above average, and it could easily be depicted as an unsuitably dressed golfer trying to make a shot, but coming in contact with the ball three times out of ten. If I wanted to be especially cynical, I could see every week like this. Highs and lows, missed shots, the best of the better things.

I’ve never played golf (mini golf?) so I could be as misguided as the wearer of crocs and skinny jeans, but imagine a light breeze, entering just as the golfer swings back his club. He makes the shot as the winds guide the ball into the hole. It changes everything – the unexciting sport becomes a celebration of unexpected success. The value in smacking a ball across fields of fake grass becomes unquestionable, and suddenly wearing salmon polo shirt has meaning.

All I’m saying is that thankfulness changes everything, and a small change is maybe all we need to refashion our lives. A posture of gratitude gives value to what we have, and when I look around, there are so many valuable things in my life. Things worth thanking Him for.

- mads

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