It’s winter, I'm cold, and inevitably feeling cornered by the rainy days and softer colours, so to uplift myself (and others), here's a list of good things about winter that will make this season a little bit lovelier.

Fire places. I don't have one, but I felt to include them because they're aesthetic and warm, which are two of my favourite things to be. You are inside, which has become your preferred choice, now that your kind flatmate has lit the fire.

Busy, warm cafes. It's that nice feeling when, after being whisked by the cold wind, you open the door and you're instantly enveloped in warmth and the smell of coffee. You see your friend waiting for you (slowly defrosting) and you smile, knowing you will stay inside for a few hours and only leave when you are both warm inside and out. It's very 'You've Got Mail,' it's lovely.

Candles. Not exclusive to winter, but in summer there is the tension of wanting to light a candle, but knowing you might go outside and have to blow it out, the smoke effectively de-scenting the room. It's bit nicer to light one when you're committed to avoiding the cold: to stay inside and not leave.

Falling asleep to the sound of rain. Before people began hyping this, and recording it so they could put it on Spotify, it was my thing. As a child, I’d be an advocate for going to bed only if it was raining, so you know your girl would always be stoking for a rainy night.

Jeans. A personal staple because they can fit into any kind of outfit, and also adapt to suit any style. I live in jeans, but that’s by choice (unlike my childhood where I can blame my mum for the leggings + active shorts combo, I regret this).

Coats/cool jackets. They are only suitable for this time of year, and usually just a sparse few months (and an even smaller amount of cold-enough days). A timid grey, soft pink, or meaningless beige – I am very prone to a tidy ensemble of coat, scarf, and small shoulder bag.

Darker lipstick. The spectrum ranges from winter berry to mulled wine, and there will be every shade you could ever want in your nearest department store come June. My go-to is a tester I got in the mail (sometimes good things come unexpectedly), and it has already surfaced for several dinners and 21’sts, and spontaneous dessert nights.

Winter pyjama’s. The feeling of being comfortably warm, and encased in soft fleece, is something that can’t happen when you can still hear the cicadas outside. It’s only when the sun sets early, and the sky is grey, that you are left with plenty of time to find your silky sleepers and hit the pillow.

Hygge. This Danish concept means a feeling of cozy, charming, and special. From what I’ve heard, a pile of blankets, a hot drink, and a good book/movie is the embodiment of hygge, and winter (our friend) is the time to go for it.

Turtle necks. They are not a fading memory of our grandparents, or an outcast inhabiting only op shops, but they’re alive and spreading with the help of a leather jacket and tight jeans. Big fan.

Soups and toasted bread. It’s a very satisfying experience to make a soup, because you buy, chop, peel, pan fry, boil, and simmer the ingredients, until you’re ready to sit down with as many pieces of toast you think you will need. +cheese.

Baths. Lush has a monopoly on bath bombs, so come June it’s time to replenish the stocks and buy a few.

Scarves. You can’t have too many, because they’re multi-functional – they are small blankets and also good for carrying small pets around. They are great to lend to a cold friend, or grab on the way out because it’s a few degrees colder than you thought it would be.

If you're having one of those days when nothing in the above list can make the rain any better, remember someone, somewhere else, is having a sunny day that is making them very happy. And if you’re confused about why it’s winter, we’re in New Zealand over here, which means our seasons are opposite, so it is likely you are that person (having that sunny day) - no hard feelings.

Mads xx

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