Monday morning
I feel like we have to go with the classic cappuccino here. It's still vaguely classy, bedecked with milky foam and enough caffeine to gently wake you up. We didn't discover it till the 1950s, but it's almost better that way - we've had less time to enjoy it, which means we enjoy it more? IDK but as long as we're drinking it before 11am, we're fine: the Italians believe that milk will ruin your stomach for lunch (which probably means I haven't been eating my lunch right for aprox. half my life). 

Tuesday avo
I'm normally still energised and at this point, ready to tackle a herbal tea. Life is fluid, and occasionally the luring combination of water and leaves (?) is what I desire. In the past three weeks, I've gone through a box of Mint Choc Roiboos tea by Madame Flavour, and I am without a lonesome regret. I bought it in Australia and I could most likely fake tears if I think about shipping prices to New Zealand. 

Wednesday late-for-work stress
Half-way through my week I will likely encounter a problem to be dealt with, one that might induce stress, and I will implement my predictable problem-solving strategy: have a chai latte. I am not resolute to recommend it to everyone, but a cinnamon spiced milk infused with ginger and vanilla cannot ever be a bad thing. 

Forecast: more issues, more chai lattes. 

Friday morning
Depending on the weather, I'll choose something fruity, something to lift the mood and lighten the load. I tried a Raspberry Mochaccino a week ago and it has altered my life in a modest but important sense. It is a safe alternative to serious coffee with no other purpose than for your enjoyment (and additionally, the plot twist you have been waiting for all week). 

Saturday mid-morning
I am usually enthralled in something, a book, the weather, or a project, that I forget to pull out a mug and fill it with frothy goodness. The neighbour is mowing the lawns so it's unlikely I'll get caught - I'm gonna make this caramel latte as fast as I can. How ridiculous is my sense of entitlement that I feel like I've earned it, and even more bewildering that even if I'd done nothing, I'd still convince myself the same. Am I really studying law just so I can drink guilt free lattes every week?

Sunday lazy afternoon
It's a shame that I can't say this one without feeling childish and younger than I really am: a hot chocolate. It's cringe, but abbreviating it to 'hot choc' is ultimately worse so let's just move on. Age should not define your palette, and I encourage you to embrace this, as you finally catch up on that reading (or previously missed episodes of Suits). 

What's your need-one-rn hot drink?

Mads xx

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  1. I enjoy chai lattes once in a while, but I can't get myself to drink it often! Haha

    1. I shouldn't be encouraging this kind of frivolous expenditure.. But Starbucks, my friend. xx

  2. Your blog is so beautiful, i absolutely love it!

  3. My go-to hot drink would be a nice fruity/herbal tea. I am partial to a vanilla latte but it has to be decaf as I don't really do well with caffeine!

  4. hi i found you bye zoellas blog my blog isn't that good but i want to improve any way what web sight did you use to make yours

  5. Loved this post, unique but very interesting!x

  6. I love this post! I'm so picky when it comes to which drink I want and it really depends on what mood I'm in! And after reading this, I'm totally craving a chai latte! Sending my blogging love - your blog is really lovely ♥︎

    Pat |


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