I'm Madison. 

When my Dad told me to shoot for the stars, I took it quite literally. I express my greatest standard like this: making the world a better place by inspiring people to fall more in love with Jesus.

By My Bedside. Things that are by my bedside are things that I value, things that are close to me, and things that I pay attention to and enjoy. We're not just talking physically on my bedside table - if we were, we would have a VERY messy collection of bobby pins and 3 scented candles on our hands. My bedside table is a spot of happiness and a provoker of endless pondering, a place that is my own and in the hands of my Creator at the same time.

I'm an 18 y/o millenial, I live in the New Zealand (the same hemisphere as the Hemsworth brothers, you can gush all you want now), I was born a writer (proof: the online Thesaurus is my most frequently visited webpage), and Christmas mince pies are my favourite food (can we just eat them all year round, sigh).

Something I think about a lot: nothing you do in this world will matter unless it is about loving God and loving people.

*My dream is to have a book published. I write all the time, and I know that dreams come true, but if you're a publisher that would be interested in speeding up the process, then feel free to flick me an email at: bymybedside@gmail.com. Thank you!

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