handmade christmas gift ideas

Here are the Christmas gift ideas that you were looking for. It took a while because I was sorting out my personal wish list (a ukulele - you shall see me merrily strumming the same chord for long lengths of music in the new year). If we don't speak before the big day, then I hope you have a joyful respite and don't burn anything. 

A supply of easy DIY gift ideas that are both thoughtful and classy: 

+ Paint a mug
+ Write a lengthy, heartfelt card
+ A teensy houseplant
+ Sugar scrub
+ Package of homemade cookies
+ Hand sewn phone case
+ Stationery kit (put together yourself)
+ Homemade vanilla essence
+ Loose leaf tea sewn into cute tea bags
+ Spa kit
+ String of photos
+ Wood artwork
+ Quote painted in a frame
+ Bath bombs
+ Lip scrub
+ "Open when" letters
+ Piggy bank
+ Homemade calendar
+ Bookmarks
+ Calligraphed quotes to put on wall
+ Body butter homemade
+ Giftwrapping and card sets 
+ Lip balm
+ Movie packs (popcorn, lollies, drinks)
+ Candle
+ Stamped tea towel
+ Passport holder 
+ Soft toys for decor
+ Keyring
+ Jewelry
+ Soap
+ Wire rings
+ Games (made by you) 
+ Cushions

Madison xx


  1. Really great list of ideas! I'll be making homemade cookies for everyone this year!

    Renee | Lose the Road

  2. Really awesome ideas!♥ I think i'm gonna paint a mug to my mom, haha.
    Your blog is so cute too!


  3. Really cute ideas! I really like your blog. Maybe if you like mine too, we can support eachother on Bloglovin'? I'd absolutely love that! Already followed you cause you're amazing.
    Lots of love!

  4. Super cute ideas! I'll definitely try some of these out! As I really enjoy reading your blog, I wanted to ask if you are maybe interested in a collab? :) xoxo, Julie tptmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Great ideas !!♥


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  7. I tried the 'open when' letters but I only came up with three so I would only try that one when you have lots of ideas!

    I really like your blog!

    Lucy xxx

  8. Love these ideas. I am thinking about starting my own blog. Any tips??

  9. Love these ideas. I've given many a spa-kits and they are always a winner.

    -Caitie x

  10. Great ideas. I featured you in my favorite blogs of 2015 post!
    Blog: Sundaysaresunny.com

  11. This looks amazing, will have to buy some for this year :) x

    UK Blogger Fashion

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